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Oregon Grower

A satisfied customer

Harvest will be next week and looks to be significantly larger than anything I have had in the past 5 years. A couple of things I have noticed. Typically. for me, my plants tend to lose a lot of their larger feeder leaves and less so, the smaller ones surrounding the flowers. These leave tend to yellow significantly in the last 2-3 weeks prior to harvest (these are 9-week flowering plants). The plants then need to be stripped of the dying leaves during the final weeks of harvest. A dead or dying leaf is no longer a net contributor to the energy of the plant. With the application of ONIT, I am seeing no die off. The larger (and smaller) feeder leaves are vibrant, green, healthy and still producing the energy for the plant, which must feed back into the increase in flower production. Not bad. ONIT was applied to these plants right after the clones were transplanted to 5-gallon pots. ONIT was added the nutrient tank at 10ml/gallon, and these plants then got watered every 5 days, decreasing to 3-4 days after 2-4 weeks of vegetative growth. The veg plants also received a foliar spray once every 5-7 days with just ONIT in distilled water mixed at 10ml/gallon. When the plants were moved to the flowering cycle, I only used foliar application once a week for the first 4-weeks. Because of the strong odor of ONIT when applied, (it dissipates in about 6 hours) I chose not to continue application after week 4, not knowing if there would be a residual affect from the odor at harvest on the flowers scent or taste? I do not think that I suffered any loss in stopping at this point. I have not considered the cost effectiveness of ONIT, but empirically I would say it is winner. Recently I did another small test on smaller plants focused on the 'unintended' attribute that ONIT has on powdery mildew and It seems to work quite well. Overall, I have had far less problems on all my plants when it comes to powdery mildew since I started using ONIT. I will let you know in 10 days how harvest went.

Dillon Patterson

Master Grower

Foliage was noticeably lusher with a darker green color in the groups that received ONIT applications, specifically in the groups which received foliar applications. The stalks and joints of the branching were noticeably thicker and “bulkier”, indicating overall strength and health was increased, specifically in the group D and F, the highest foliar application groups. Internodal spacing was noticeably tighter, resulting in more branches and flower sites.

In the groups that received soil drench applications, I noticed an increase in water retention or higher moisture level of the medium between water applications compared to the control groups and groups that didn’t receive soil drench applications. Resulting in less need to water which can result in nutrient cost savings. The overall size of the flowers in the groups that received the higher level of foliar sprays had slightly larger flowers, as well as overall more flower sights, which I believe is due to the NPK ratio.


Wax Room Productions, Massachusetts

Stalks more then doubled in thickness within 2 1/2 weeks from starting use of ONIT. Nodal spacing became tighter and closer together as well. I have never seen a stalk get so thick so early in its stages of life. I love this product for the simple reason it has not lied to me yet.


Newport Beach, CA

Thanks again for the sample. Truly amazing product. Unbelievable! My mature plants got fatter and my adolescent plants grew much taller and super fast. It’s rocket fuel for plants. I am blown away...

Greg Jelden

CMG & Sensi Magazine

I was given a sample of ONIT Grow™ a few months ago and I wanted to share my results. I took two plants of the same type of strawberry at the same age and used ONIT Grow on one and did nothing new on the second. The results have been an overwhelming success to say the least. I now have added ONIT Grow into my regimen for all my fruits and vegetables.


Northern California

I began using ONIT Grow on half of my plants just to test and see how it would work. One weekend, the AC happened to break without me knowing. Upon returning, and to my dismay, half the plants had died. Only the ONIT Grow-treated plants survived. Out of 1,280 plants, I put ONIT Grow on 600 plants. Once I realized my AC was broken I only had 570 plants left. All 570 were treated with ONIT Grow.

Kristin Yoder

Industry Expert

Wow! I gave a friend of mine a sample of the all organic, all natural, non-GMO input product I had mentioned in a post a few weeks back. This product unlocks the full genetic potential of every plant, and these are the results 12 weeks later. Both plants were grown completely the same - same cultivars, same dialed in environment, and same feeding schedule. To be clear, this is an all-natural, organic, plant based surfactant.

Growers don’t need to change anything they do. It helps increase the uptake of nutrients. It reduces the need for nutrients by up to a 1/3. It’s better for the environment, better for water usage, and it increases production. This is not a unique case study. This is the average results everyone that uses it gets. As a professional BS Detector, there’s no way I’m going to promote a product that I haven’t researched and seen the results myself.


Master Grower

I didn’t use as a foliar spray because I was in bloom. I injected around the roots Friday then fed on Saturday. Significant change in color of leaves Sunday. Today I saw actual noticeable result in the tomatoes and peppers themselves. Same for hydro. Healthier roots in bath. It’s almost self-cleaning. I was shocked by the rapid results! There is a slight layer of foam from the oil but is very clear and clean. No foul smell.

Fully ripened both my cultivars. Exactly what I needed in my last week of bloom. This is an AMAZING product! Wish I had it as a foliar spray during my veg stage. Defitely will add to my regiment on future grows. Too early to tell but seems like a much better product than others I’ve used. Wow, just wow. Can I post results of this product or is it hush hush?